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What is Pinnacle Professional Coaching?

Pinnacle™ Principle-Based Professional Coaching (PPC) is an important new service offered by Compassion Unlimited, Inc. to the professional and business world. PPC’s research-driven protocol assists you through the envisioning, defining, and achieving your professional goals. Professional coaching has been demonstrated to help professionals more rapidly achieve these goals and PPC is an accelerated protocol of professional coaching.

Through an in-depth interview and assessment process, PPC helps you to envision and clarify business and professional goals. In addition to making explicit these goals, PPC will help you to identify and articulate the underlying principles that define your own personal professional mission and integrity. The Professional Vision, Professional Mission Statement and Professional Code of Honor become the keystone documents in developing principle-based professional and business goals with an internal locus of control. These documents also become the blueprints to construct perpetual peak performance and success that is the hallmark of Compassion Unlimited, Inc. services.

Principle-Based Professional. PPC uses a systematic process to assist the professional in shifting from external locus of control and validation to a more “principle-based” self-validated internal locus of control. PPC helps professionals identify the many times each day they breach their integrity and mission in which they employ some reactive “less than useful” behavior. By assisting professionals in identifying the many times each day that they are “derailed” by some minor event and assisting them in being able to remain on track with fidelity to their principles, mission, and integrity, PPC helps the professional to rapidly and significantly increase effectiveness and productivity. PPC not only greatly enhances professional performance, but will also increase your level of satisfaction with your work and career. Compassion Unlimited, Inc. is so confident that that you will be pleased with your increased professional performance, effectiveness, and satisfaction that we offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Stress-Free Professional and Personal Life. In addition to enhanced performance and professional satisfaction, Compassion Unlimited’s PPC program will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to never again experience dis-stress. Yes, you read that correctly. After completing the PPC Program, you will have the skills necessary to internalize your locus of control and turn off the body’s alarm system that causes “stress.” Your skills for managing difficult situations will rapidly mature as you integrate the skills taught in this program—all the professionals with whom we have worked have identified and across-the-board increase in the quality of their lives, both professional and personal, with the utilization of these skills. If, after the completion of the PPC Program, you are unable to effectively and immediately reduce your stress to a level of comfort your fees will be refunded!

How do I use Pinnacle Professional Coaching?

Easy. Email us to have Compassion Unlimited, Inc. contact you to schedule an initial interview. Prior to this interview, Compassion Unlimited, Inc. will provide you with electronic copies of several assessment instruments and exercises to assist you in identifying your resiliencies, your challenge areas, and principles. You will then meet your Professional Coach and spend 90 minutes discussing yourself—your dreams, goals, visions, mission, problem areas, and strengths. This interview will be videotaped for you to take home with you. From this interview, a Professional Coaching Plan will be developed and shared with you for your edit and approval. Once approved, we first begin work in the area of self-regulation. This work is at the core of all Compassion Unlimited’s Inc. programs and crucial for stress-free optimal performance. You will be provided with the state-of-the-art research on self-regulation and performance enhancement as well as simple but potent techniques in self-regulation that are GUARANTEED to work.

Next, we will work towards getting clearly articulated your Vision, Mission, and Principles (Code Of Honor). These three documents, while organic and changeable, will become the blueprints for success, happiness, and peace. We will then work on finding the places in your professional and personal life where you habitually breach your integrity and act in ways that are reactive and “less-than-useful.” We will work toward replacing these behaviors with self-regulation, the a priori ingredient to effective professional behaviors. With your body regulated, instead of experiencing “fight-or-flight” stress, you will find yourself able to utilize good judgment, make positive decisions, and maintain fidelity to your vision, mission, and principles.

Many people find that events from their past personal and professional lives encroach upon and negatively effect present-day functioning. For these situations, your PPC Coach can help you identify these experiences and resolve them through Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR); a state-of-the-art method for resolving negative past experiences and enhancing performance (Crabbe, 1996; Foster & Lendl, 1995, 1996). The PPC program all culminates with an Individualized Pinnacle Plan designed to help the professional stay committed to his/her vision, mission, and principles while continually enhancing resiliency and satisfaction.

This is a brief synopsis of Compassion Unlimited’s Inc. Pinnacle Professional Coaching. If you would like more information, e-mail us or call at 941.720-0143.

How Long Does It Take and How Much Does It Cost?

We offer a standardized program that includes five (5) 90 minute meetings with the Pinnacle Professional Coach. All five of these meetings can be offered in a single week for an accelerated version of this program or they can be scheduled in any manner that fits your schedule. Night and weekend meetings are also available. In addition to the five meetings, you will asked to complete homework assessments, exercises, and activities. You will complete a Personal Vision, Mission Statement, and Professional Code of Honor that will assist you in becoming principle-based in your work. Additionally, you will be supplied with an electronic copy of your Individualized Pinnacle Plan.

This entire program is offered at a package price of $799.

If you are not able to see significant results of increased professional effectiveness and lowered stress, your entire fee will be refunded.

Please use our Email us for more information or call 941.720-0143 to schedule your first meeting.


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