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Compassion Unlimited, Inc. offers help to professional and amateur public speakers, athletes, performers, writers, musicians and anyone wanting to improve their craft, their game or themselves. Individuals are assisted in achieving and maintaining functioning at optimal performance levels. This program integrates the best of recent brain research, self-regulation and cognitive-behavioral practices to assist professionals and amateurs in finding and maintaining peak performance. Compassion Unlimited, Inc. will help you unlock your potential and perform at levels you never before thought possible!

By completing a thorough assessment of your strengths, goals, and trouble spots, Compassion Unlimited, Inc. will help you identify the ways in which you habitually thwart the achievement and maintenance of your potentials. Once these impediments are discovered, we will help you to address and resolve these impediments by developing self-regulation skills and by resolving past experiences that intrude upon present day performance. Compassion Unlimited, Inc. employs an eclectic and comprehensive protocol that includes hypnosis, video-tape reviewing, cognitive-behavioral technology, Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR), and biofeedback.

Most people will find their performance significantly improving in three to five meetings (after the initial evaluation). Meetings are 90 minutes in duration. At least one meeting will be conducted with you while you practice on your “home” court, course, or studio. The fees are $150 per session.

Email us for more information of call 941.720-0143 to schedule your initial meeting.


J. Eric Gentry, PhD, LMHC
Sheryl Hakala, MD - Consulting Psychiatrist

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